Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angel Angie and Her Wee Elves

What did you get for Christmas? A box of little pink soaps carved into roses that trigger a migraine by their scent? How about a beautifully wrapped picture of deer, racoon, birds and squirrels on black velvet paper? Lovely. My personal favorite was the silver windmill with snowflakes attached and a tea light candle that turns the windmill when you light the candle. I am so loved. As charming as these gifts were, my afternoon at Angie's house was this year's winner. It was a simple E-vite. Come to her house, bring food items, decorate bags and eat goodies.
The weather had taken a turn for the worst, with the kind of wind that pricks your face with sharp needles. I was greeted by an old black and silver dog who took painfully slow steps with eyes that spoke, "come in! come in!" Angie's house was decorated and warm. The white craft table swallowed her living room. Glitter, glue and stickers lay next to the white sacks that were waiting to be decorated. There were boxes on the floor filled with crackers, applesauce, toothpaste and various food items. Undecorated cookies and bowls of colored icing took every inch of kitchen space. The doorbell started ringing with children coming to join the party.
We made glitter candy canes and trees, assembled sacks filled with goodies. Several mothers explained to the kids that this was for people who didn't have presents. Angie had called three shelters in our area that needed extra help. What a wonderful idea and so fun! We had some great cookie decorators. Some had been so nicely done with licks of fingers and mounds of icing that they got to take theirs home, smiling with blue tongues.
I was impressed by Angie's vision while blow drying the Santa plates I had painted. That's when little Maggie told me her mother uses a hair dryer too. "To dry your hair?"I asked. "No, to dry Sophie's butt when she has a rash," she answered.
Children will speak honestly and openly, so set a good example and show them ways to help others less fortunate. That is our greatest gift.
Please check out Angie's website.

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