Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Say It Backwards/David Oates

When I was a teenager, everyone in my town called the Time Man. He was a recorded message for the bank and you could call any time of day to get the time and temperature. I often heard, "I wonder what the temperature is, call the time man." So when I got a tape recorder one year as a birthday gift, I decided to record the time man and have him call you. He called at very inappropriate times which left the relatives puzzled, but soon I became bored of him. There was a stop, rewind and play button but it took practice. Especially when I spoke into it, making sure my pauses were correctly placed. I then would put my tape recorder under a sibling's bed, knowing they would be coming into the room soon. As the conversation played, they would even answer me and then scream when I walked into the room asking, "who are you talking to?"In order for tricks to work properly, they need to change, so ghostly sounds got recorded and put under the living room window where Randy babysat. In those days, most people left the windows open without the use of airconditioning. Poor guy, I'm so sorry, but we could count to five and he would be on the phone calling his mom. Today, I miss my tape recorder.

I think I met my match, well, he's actually the king. What would you do if you could record your voice, play it backwards and hear the truth of what your unconscious mind is saying? Creepy. His name is David Oates ( and he is the first person to document speech reversals in human speech with a career spanning 24 plus years, also maintaining a therapeutic and consulting practice. Wendy and I were totally blown away by this! (
Conscious Living. You can download the conversation or go to his website and listen to reversals. For instance, there is a woman talking about how she needs to overcome her fear of money and wondering what the problem is. When her voice is reversed, she says, "I need to get over my grief." David says the reversal voice is a "sing, song" pattern, not monotone. Truth happily tells on us. This techinque has even been used in the court system.

Wouldn't it be fun to grab a tape recorder and try this? We would hear what we really mean to say. Invite the co-workers for snacks and conversation. Tell them it's a "Moon Walk Party."

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  1. Hi Sandy!

    Great to have run into your blog! I love all topics that revolve around consciousness. I think this is such a neat idea - would love to try it myself and see how it goes...

    I have an old tape recorder somewhere but cannot think for the life of me how to play a tape backwards? (Perhaps it has been way too long since I have handled a cassette tape or recorder ;)

    Anyway will have to check out David's site for sure. Thanks.