Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ross Holcomb/ Signs from Space

When you stop to pay attention, you'll start to notice a language of symbols and signs that the Earth's heart is trying to say. How it works is beyond my comprehension. Who plans the sequence of events that occur randomly? Just this Thanksgiving, I was in rush hour traffic with my daughter telling her that I needed to get away this summer. To go on a spiritual trek and find my way. She agreed that the time was right for me and we "pinky promised" that it would happen! Then, Bam! At that exact moment, seven birds flew in the air over our car, big ones. Jewel is singing, "follow your heart" and a white car drove by with the license plate...1 2 3 Go.

How does this relate to the last guest on Conscious Living? Crop circles even. Elaborate designs that appear in wheat fields with intricate detail. I read someone's description after standing at the foot of one saying, "there were two swirls, one from the left and one from the right. Two rivers of energy that were woven together." Some people say they're elaborate hoaxes. Who cares, someone still had to make these enormous designs and according to the people who stand in them, they're charged with energy. What are they trying to say? Wakeup? The two swirls reminds me of the need to use our right and left brain hemispheres.
Ross Holcomb is a metaphysical consultant who gives presentations, teaching intuitive healing and guides summer tours to England's sacred sites including crop circles. He spoke about energy in color which caught my attention since I paint for an income. Our body and earth share carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. What you do to earth, you do to your body. Maybe these crop circles are there to remind us of a greater plan and since so many of us are not paying attention to signs, they had to make them really really big! It would be a fun summer trip I'm thinking. I feel the sychronicity taking shape!

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  1. Hey, Susan M's brother-in-law was working on a documentary about crop circles.....He might be someone to talk, too, also.