Sunday, November 30, 2008

World Peace

Something woke me up all last week in my sleep, every night, same time for five days. "Everyone's fighting! Put a stop to it as soon as you can!" A short anxiety attack followed with the image of overly crowded streets and despair. Nothing had color. When morning came, I shrugged it off as too tall of an order, only to realize it had become a whisper that wouldn't be quiet. It's tempting to write about India. I'd like to mention prejudice and hate, letting the keys fly under my fingers. Instead, I keep thinking about the prayer flags at Barbara's store. They're part of a Buddhist exhibition on loan. The monks will write prayer requests on these pieces of cloth that are then strung together and tied to a tree which will flap in the wind until they decay. Each square cloth is dyed with brilliant colors. Oranges, reds, yellow and greens, beautiful and so full of hope. The first step to peace is a written intention that is offered in prayer.
Driving home, I noticed the sun was shining on the side of a person's tire in front of me,creating a super cool shadow under their car. It was of a wheel spinning with flowers in the center. What a sign. The second step to peace is Source energy (God) reflecting inside of us to be projected out. So your choice of words and breath are very important if you are to create something of beauty.
If you ever watch the video on Earth Hour, they show a person complaining about the job being too big. How can they make a change? Then they add one more person saying the same thing until there are thousands screaming in unison, "I'm only one person!" Let's try kindness and see how we can change the world. First in ourselves, our pets, our families, our friends, our neighbors and then the strangers. Slowly I know, but that's the beauty of being ONE.

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