Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tag Someone and Play the Blog Game

Man it was windy today. I thought the howling sound would scare the golfers but they kept their 11:30 tee time. They pad themselves with layers of clothes and hit little white balls in frigid weather for five hours long! The competition against winter doesn't end until the ground becomes so frozen that the golf balls bounce out of control. That's ok, I get so much accomplished during their outings. Whatever floats their boat and vice versa. They don't understand my need to hand stitch a quilt or why I glue dyed egg shells onto cardboard for the masks I'm designing.
Diversity is what makes life interesting. Collecting people can be a fabulous hobby. A little eccentricity never hurt anyone. Hal reads novels on his front porch and naps in the backseat of his pickup truck. Aunt Rose claims her creative side can only come out after four beers and a cigerette. Bill's reoccuring dream of fire made him so afraid that he installed fire extinguishers in the upstairs bedrooms and kitchen, but he ate a lovely lunch while the neighbor's house was engulfed in black smoke and flames, unaware of the situation. My mom's neighbor has fullmoon parties in her sideyard and the women hug trees.

Quirky is a word that must be the opposite of boring. So when Cathy wanted me to play the blog game I agreed. Pick six blogs that you like, comment on their site and then link them to your post. Now write six things about yourself. I cheated and only have four sites because I'm tired after playing hat store all evening with Dylan.

l. The first language I learned to speak was Spanish but quit because of the wrong advice of a kindergarden teacher.

2. I have a mystery twin in my town who is an extrovert that likes to drink at parties which causes me to get wierd looks in bookstores. People have told me about her, that's how I know.

3. Pancho Villa's men almost cut my great grandfather's ear off but stopped because my grandmother knew Pancho was superstitious and lied that my great grandfather was deaf.

4. The day before John Denver died, he told me in a dream that he was going to be killed in a plane crash. Twice at Christmas, he was singing on the radio and my paint brushes fell off the piano.

5. G.W.'s mom got a fake letter from the library telling her that her son's book, "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Was Afraid To Ask" was long overdue, shortly after I got my new typewriter.

6. I'm happiest when my kids speak kind words.



  1. This is hilarious and makes my stodgy explanation of the rules, well, so stodgy! I've got to get over writing in newspaper style, where it's who, what, where and when without a lot of why and wonder!

  2. Your writing is what motivates my creativity, and the Walter Cronkite in you is flattering!! I never realized how many thousands upon thousands of blogs are out there!

  3. Thank you for the link! Ha! You know I loved John Denver. The interview I did with him was a high point. He came to me almost a year after his death and we talked about the stars. It was in August when the Perseids were in full burst. I found out later he loved to watch them. I also love your number 5...