Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things...Whew!

Knock Knock!
"who's there?"
"Sherwood who?"
sure would like to be in the house.

Wendy is right! Everyone is tagging on Facebook about the 25 random things about yourself. I keep ignoring that but she double tagged on her blog so I have!
1. Charlie and I were the only ones laughing at the comedy club.
2. My shoe box is almost full to the top with lids for an art project.
3. I'm the only one in Yoga class who can't do "chararunga!"
4. I see dead people.
5. Paying $l00 for a college book makes my nostrils flare.
6. I drive slow through the neighborhood on trash day.
7. Is my grandmother's favorite number.
8. My face is in a walmart ad in a magazine but nobody can see me.
9. Dad used to call me "Waldo".
10. There are four stray cats living in my backyard loving my chicken scraps.
11. If Bill wasn't so scared of birds, I would have two in a cage.
12. Strangers have told me giant secrets.
13. Love is the only way out of hell, keep walking.
14. Never say, "that's not for me" or you will soon be blogging and joining Facebook!
15. John Candy the comedian gives me "noogies" in my dreams.
16. There was a time when I decorated wedding cakes.
17. I understand Spanish so don't comment on my, yeah, thinking I'm Swedish.
18. My only brother and I fly together in dreams.
19. Meditation is the reason I don't jump or scream when my kids try to scare me on purpose.
20. Speaking of purpose, that is the best energy boost to create joy.
21. I have never ever pumped gas, ever.
22. Los Angeles scares me but my daughter is an actress.
23. I like to sweep the neighbor's sidewalk as a surprise.
24. I laugh when Steve walks over from the block over to tell me I missed a spot as he points
across the street.
25. Life is good thanks to my diverse groups of friendships.


  1. You are a dancing ray of sunshine in my life... and a delight in every room you enter. Thank you for showing up. :)