Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey Lucky!

"Lucky's believing you're lucky."
Rod Stewart

Since gardening is the safest way to gamble and spring being far away, why not tweak your luck by entering contests? Carolyn Wilman, known to everyone as The Contest Queen has tips and links to thousands of contests. Reading her blog made me excited with the possibility of winning, so I entered the contest sponsored by (Winter Wonderland) uploaded a picture and now just wait for my prize win! It was so easy. Carolyn refers to her prizes as Christmas wins because she never knows what to expect. One of my favorite sites that I found on her blog was but it requires more work answering questions. The reward could be $1,000 of free groceries, gas, makeup and art if you're willing to spend the time.
So what attracts luck? Would certain days be better for winning as numerology suggests or perhaps wearing a crystal necklace? Carolyn suggests writing five things on an index card that you would like to win and see this card every day. Say these things out loud to help create an intention with focus. Go ahead! Surprise yourself, have fun winning even if nobody understands your funny hat.

1 comment:

  1. Let us know if you win anything! The last thing I won was Rolling Stones tickets. I think I just about used up my luck with that win. My previous win was a box of chocolates twenty years earlier. I feel lucky though!