Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Staycation Anniversary

"There is no "try", only DO!"

This month marks the one year anniversary of the Conscious Living show on www.talkshoe.com with Wendy. Yesterday, someone called to ask why I haven't posted lately so I apologized and promised to get busy. Truth be told, my mind went on vacation. I need to pause and reflect on the magnitude of knowledge that has passed my ears. Buddhism teaches that we must learn something new everyday that will alter our perspective. With awareness comes validation that we had it all along. It's
easy to get lost in a world full of negativity and resentment, but when we start to focus on the beauty of a sunset or droplets of water, our brains begin to change. Blood pressure is lowered and the heart pulses with blood that begins to purify our bodies. We feel connected once again, alive with inner passion and a beauty that says, "I Am."


  1. Thanks for this. Some people are cutting out the internet for Lent or cutting back. I'm not cutting back too much, but it is important to give our minds a rest. Another blog I read talks about "slow blogging," which is taking your time to reflect about you're going to write, rather than publishing every thought or hiccup. That said, I'm thrilled to see a new post by you!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    You remind me of the teacher who always asked her students at the end of the day," What made you smile today".
    We tend to focus on the difficult, the sad, but when we take just one moment to think of something lovely, our entire day takes on new meaning.
    Thank you for your delightful blog.

  3. And Sandy -- This blog was an excuse (incentive) to write -- You set yourself up with a challenge. You agreed to offer your unigue perspective and reviews of guests on Conscious Living...and it is wonderful that you do... but the truth is... you are a wonderful storyteller... and I love it when you just write your stories...because they are the stars and beautiful all by themselves for no other reason than you choosing to tell them... As it turns out, the reviews are intermission. On with the show!

    Thank you for being there in mind, body and heart! - wendy

  4. Well slap my face and fix my hat. This post was not intended to offend, quite the contrary.