Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Looking through a family photo album one day, it saddened me to see how many pictures in the book were without me. It was as though I hadn't existed, not a trace and yet I was the person who baked the birthday cakes, decorated the Christmas trees, organized fundraisers, carpooled children to four different schools and three part time jobs in one year. Wasn't I the person who dried tears, broke up beer parties, waited up all night for prom and helped type overdue homework papers?

Always having had strong women in my own life, I gasped in guilt about the times I had taken my mother for granted, not noticing her feelings or seeing her tears when I voiced my opinions. She raised strong women who then raised strong women and it occured to me how very lucky I am to have had such a strong foundation to build from.

When a house is built, we don't see its foundation. We take pictures of the house and people comment on its beauty but never say, "great foundation!"On the other hand, if the foundation is cracked or damaged, the house will fall and then we may say, "what a horrible foundation! It won't hold a house."

There is much to be said about unconditional love and the women in our lives who give it. They remind me of the importance of our sun, trees, clean air and rain. Sometimes taken for granted or ignored, but dangerous to lose. For all women today who either have children or nurture others, Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Oh, Sandy, this is such a beautiful post that made me cry. I've been having those taken-for-granted feelings lately, plus also wondering why I'm never in the photos (until I am, and then I think, ugh!) My mother just visited, and I realized that I take her for granted, and I feel so bad about that.

  2. Happy Mother's day Cathy! If you notice, the above picture is of my two daughters, down below is my grandmother and mom, I was probably in the kitchen making lunch so this picture could be scanned!

  3. I love this and resonate so completely with it.
    I woke up with my mom's smile in my mind on Mother's day and I remembered how many times I took her for granted.I know she loved me anyway. I know now that she knew that I loved and appreciated her.
    When my children do not seem to "recognize and appreciate me" I know that some day they will and it is all part of the plan.
    Blessings and hugs-and great appreciation.
    thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. I appreciate your honesty Karen. Love is raw but we always trek on, right?

  5. I too am not in the pics because I would and do run from the camera. It made my son sad and he said when you are gone, I will have no pics of you to look at. Today I was alone in my home and my sons forgot about Mother's Day but I was not upset, I know I am loved and honored. I wish I had done more for my own mom but she too, knew she was deeply loved. I miss her so much. Sandy you are such a comfort to everyone and always make everything lovely, warm, delicious and blessed. Love you lots. Happy Mother's Day to you and all the moms around the world.

  6. I really know how you feel Sandy! Being a Mom is so much more than what we perceive as children. I hope your day was as lovely as mine. :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful....I can relate and tried this year to focus on the deeper connection I share with my Mother, and not the surface tension that shaped me into who I am today.