Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Buddy

How rude! First he climbed in the wire basket that held the bird feeders, then he clung upside down on the screen showing us his under belly. Feeling sorry for him, I gave him my entire basket of black walnuts as a gift, thinking he would take a nut or two and run off to play. Instead, he buried the entire basket of nuts in the soft dirt, tossing out the newly planted flowers on the brick walkway. If that wasn't bad enough, he ran upstairs while I wasn't looking and closed the screen door on me! How rude!


  1. Yeah, they're pretty aggressive! Is that a squirrel? It looks different than the squirrels we have here, but the behavior is the same. The squirrels in my neighborhood come in the back door when I'm not looking and steal avocados and fruit off the counter. The cats are afraid of them, so a household of cats is no help. It's pretty funny!

  2. He's a chipmunk who thinks he's a squirrel! I hear him at night scratching on the outside of my art room when I'm working, begging to come in and color!