Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger's Big Bogey

 "Shhh shhh shhh!" Tiger's going to talk. Did you see his fake crying? How about his sincerity? Well if you ask me, he had it coming and is done with golf. These are some of the comments I overheard today after Tiger Woods officially apologized to the media for having extramarital affairs. Everyone is hammering him. Is it true the bigger the sin, the bigger the stone? If we put enough secrets into a box, won't the box eventually bulge and burst open from the pressure? I really don't know why everyone is surprised that something had to give. Poor Tiger, yes, I say poor because it's obvious his ego was out of control. Poor Mrs. Woods and all the other women who were involved. The good news is that they made a mistake! Matthew and Terces Engelhart, owners of Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco ( say that when a waiter drops a plate full of dishes, they are to shout out, "I made a mistake!" then the crew is to clap and cheer for the acknowledgement of the accident. They also teach not to leave people "fractured" and broke. We need to ask ourselves the simple question, "how can I provide more love from this situation?" for change to occur.
 When we become "unplugged" from Truth and wired into ego, it's a Duck Hook into the lake. We get labeled as Hackers and before we know it, our tee times are cancelled with friends. Personally, I'm going to light a candle for Tiger and clap my hands for him admitting his mistake. This life isn't always an easy nine par, sometimes there are sand traps and shanks, but if we address the ball and assume our stance, we often get a hole in one! Thank God we all get a mulligan! (do-over)


  1. Sandy...great post! It is so sad that people have to apologize for things so private in a public venue. This should have been between Tiger and his wife and their family. Media driven issues are such an annoyance... I find Tiger, human...the media, inhumane!!!

  2. What amazes me the most about this whole incident is that the media knew about Tiger's behavior for a long time but pretended he was a quiet, devoted family man because they didn't want to lose access to him and lose the big bucks of advertising. It makes me trust the media even less.

    While I agree that this is a private matter between Tiger and his family, Tiger was dishonest in trying to portray himself as somehting he wasn't and deluded his young wife into thinking he was the man he pretended to be. She and the children are the ones who are hurt in this.

    We are fools if we buy something because a celebrity endorses it!

  3. Money has a way of blinding us sometimes, I agree!