Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finding Your "Oomph"

 Your oomph is a terrible thing to lose. It's the thing that keeps you up late at night and gets you going first thing in the morning. Many great works of art were made thanks to "oomph", the light bulb was created by oomph energy. Most people can recognize who has it and who doesn't but nobody can find it for you. I lost mine for four months this year. The urge to write poetry, blog or cook didn't exist and was replaced by dramas, other people's. Have you had those kinds of summers? Nobody gets along, so and so is out of work, this friend is divorcing, that one drinks too much and they don't do things "our" way. Life gets heavy.

 Life is also a huge school room full of lessons to be learned. I just passed a grade! I found my oopmh! It arrived on a crisp October morning near the fountains that flowed with pink water. A stranger gave it to me. He had the bluest eye with sores on his lips and a weight of blankets and clothes on his back. He cried when I hugged him and said he fought in Vietnam for me. "Where do I donate?" he asked. "No, the hugs are free, today is Global Free Hug Day!" Those eyes still linger in my mind. He could have been my brother, how ironic, intelligent, compassionate and napping on the hill without a roof.
  Is irony our friend? The little boy beaming with happiness on his crowded apartment balcony full of toys. No backyard or swing set, but he lives in a paradise of his own mind! How ironic. What does irony teach? When it presents itself, we might ask ourselves what are we judging? If your "oomph" is missing, who or what have you judged or tried to fix your way? I learned at a weekend retreat to ask myself when faced with difficult people, "What would Love do?" Remember that God has their awakening handled, our job is to love without judgement.

 How ironic. Me, standing on a crowded street corner in Kansas City, Missouri holding a honk if you hug sign and giving away hugs to strangers. Yes, me, the grown up little girl who's mother was told she wouldn't make it in society due to her shyness. Thank goodness I wasn't made aware of that teacher's judgement until I was somewhat over my shyness! Makes me want to write a poem and bake a loaf of banana nut bread at 11:56 is creative again!

  "Remember it's a grand illusion and deep inside, we're all the same."


  1. What a beautiful story about the man passing out free hugs.

    I'm glad you found your oomph again, although I could never see that you lost it! You without your oomph are still amazingly creative! I did miss your blog posts, though. I definitely lost my oomph this past year. It was a lesson in surrender, which was very hard for me. I muddled through or maybe I crashed through like a bull in a china shop. I'm looking forward to combining more creativity with you. You inspire me!

  2. Thanks Cathy, you inspire me also! Creatives need each other to survive. The man was a passing citizen who received a hug but he gave so much in return. Taught me to surrender my ego judgement.

  3. Beautiful post! Sorry, but I don't think you have an ego judgement issue. As long as I've known you, all I've seen or heard is kindness. xoxox

  4. Like Cathy, I haven't seen a loss of oomph in you, but then you live with such grace, you carry off everything so well. Stumbling through this last two years, I do know what you mean though. It is time to shine again and bring back the zing into my life as well. Next hug day, let me know and I will join in with great joy.
    We never know just where those angels are do we?