Thursday, October 7, 2010

Famous People

You won't see many famous people where I live. There was the time I saw football player Marcus Allen at the empty Chinese restaurant during an emotional boyfriend breakup that my daughter was going through. He looked puzzled because I didn't react to his presence, I remember. I sat with Rosie Greer, another football legend had my picture taken with him but when I brought it home for my young son, he could have cared less, never heard of the guy. Willis Reed, basketball, shook my husband's hand and because he was so excited to meet him, Willis thought we were friends once. There was the time I fell in the mud and got sprayed with sprinklers to pick up an autographed picture of  golfer, Tom Watson only to see that our signatures were identical! Well, who would believe that? I was so close to Rod Stewart once, I could have touched his nose. We looked each other in the eyes and he said, "hello" in an English sounding accent.

This isn't to brag, just to let you know, there aren't many famous people where I live that are noticeable anyway. So you can imagine my feelings when I saw an old classmate today from my childhood town on a soap opera! Connie Ventress, playing the maid on All My Children. I probably went to every school play she was in back in the day. Brave old Connie who left our little town to be a movie star!

Famous people, the untouchables. Have you ever wanted to be one? Not me, but I do want my dreams to come true and I do want people to know my name, sometimes, but not when I'm having lattes with my friends. Congratulations Connie! We love you in Olathe!

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