Monday, October 18, 2010

The High School Reunion (35 years)

 Getting old sucks and so does reliving the what if's. Waiting until the last minute to buy something new to wear and then changing into something old is just plain nerves not to mention trying to hide missed workouts! The past is a scary thing to face especially with a different personality and life that you were in that past. I wasn't going to go to my reunion but Jon Bon Jovi was singing on the radio, "who says you can't go home?" So I called my closest girlfriends, reminded them of favors I had done and threatened retaliation if they didn't go too.
 Jane drove from Texas, Debbie bought a new shirt, Jeanne hosted a pre-party and I was an hour late! It's easy to blame the current life but my son Charlie, had bought a new car and wanted to show off for me. Then we got lost because my old hometown is growing too fast.
  It wasn't so bad, in fact it was an evening full of laughs and something I would do over again. So, before you throw away your high school invitation, think about it. Think about the people who still live in your past, the ones who scared the crap out of you, the ones you loved, especially the what if's because that's what makes you better!

  "Our job is to look into the world for reasons to believe in ourselves. Each time we find one, it replaces the limitations that WE may have held ourselves to in the past. It's when we abandon ourselves to that new possibility that we shatter the old paradigm of false limits and find the spontaneous healing of our beliefs."
                                                                                                          ~Gregg Braden~

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