Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do It Anyway

 I don't know quite how to write this story except to say that yesterday needs to be told. There is a bridge that's made out of glass and links Union Station to Crown Center. I've always wanted to walk across it but never had the courage to try until yesterday and you wouldn't believe how many trucks honked and waved as I stood there marveling about the view. One man walked past me with a walking stick and a backpack. My first inclination was to feel pity towards him because he was blind. A fast walking blind man! He knew exactly where to go, opened the door and proceeded to walk outside on the snow that has ice underneath. It's melting a little so it's lumpy and hard and he kept walking until he came to the bus stop and sat to wait for the next bus. I wonder if I could do that? Live life without sight, going places alone. It made me walk a little taller and laugh about how many things I haven't done because of fear. When I was a kid, there used to be a saying, "ask the blind man, he saw it all."


  1. Let's make a date to cross that glass bridge together! I'm grateful for wonderful friends wlike you who open my eyes to new sights. (Have I overdone it on the vision analogies, ha, ha.)

  2. It's a date Cathy! I will drive because I now know you DON'T EVER make a left out of Union Station or you will be facing two lanes of fast moving oncoming cars! I said to them, "sorry, I was blind, I was blind!"