Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

     There used to be a man in the town where I grew up as a child who was stronger than the other men. He had cuts on his fingers from hard work and liked to drink beer and he smelled real nice after his shower. If everybody told him the truth, returned his car on time and avoided smoking cigarettes, he could be rather pleasant and had a witty sense of humor. I was nineteen when I left the town he lived in and got married. He told me it wouldn't last past six months because of my temper but I think he cried a little after he made a wrong turn to the lake instead of the church. Seventy five years have changed him into an old softie. His fingers are bent from years of hard work, the pinky finger curves sideways now. There are days when I worry if he will be able to fend for himself and continue to care for my mother. The once strong man will always be strong in my heart's memory and I am very proud to call this man "Dad". 

     Dad taught me much about life. It doesn't matter if you broke the thing, but it does matter that you lied about breaking the thing. If you're going to fish, you better learn to bait your own damn hook. Be yourself, don't wear makeup to cover a pretty face. Avoid people who linger in alleys, they're probably hopped up on dope. Good men will always get out of their cars and walk up to your doorstep, otherwise, good riddance. Nobody likes a bellyacher so get over your problems and get a job. Sunsets, fish that bite, and a good mess of green beans with tomatoes are pure gold. Happy Father's day to my dad and all the men who make a difference in our lives.

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