Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice Blues

      As soon as the publish post button was pushed, I saw the image of my soul sister friend. We all have one or two, the designated through some divine order of things person who keeps us in check. I didn't care! There was no room for pause, emotion was running the show. By the time I got in my car, she was calling my phone! Coincidence? Yes, it was me. No, someone didn't hack my blogger account I told her. Driving, I wondered if the title had been different, could I have gotten away with the simple words that made sense at the time of their typing? Isn't that a part of writing, having a strong title to catch the reader's attention? Like the guy who writes SEX SEX SEX, now that I have your attention....1989 Ford for sale, needs work.

     Ok, fine, she was right, the F word probably isn't allowed on blogger, so the post was deleted. It was during lunch today at an outside vegan restaurant named FUD where I noticed the funny sign staring at me, happily blowing in the wind. God the comedian must have orchestrated the whole darn thing! It read, "Mood Swings". Yes, we have them, especially on summer solstices. With that in mind, I would like another chance...

                                   Mind "Messer-Uppers"

                             yes no yes no
                             yes no yes no
                              dead calm
                                cold stare

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  1. Ha ha ha...this is too funny! The F word title sure got my attention. I started laughing the minute I saw it...you are just too funny!