Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

 Fireworks are illegal in my county where houses have wooden roofs and lawns are hyper manicured. The neighbor is shooting off his secret stash right now and probably worried that his grouchy old neighbor who lives in my house is going to call the police. Little does he know, the grouchy neighbor is fast asleep. It's been a long day, he's tuckered out from watching me juggle phone calls to our grown kids, shop for groceries, cook the dinner, assemble a centerpiece with one dozen roses and white exotic looking flowers, complete with a small flag, but it's the fourth of July! Independence day! Home of the free and another day to celebrate as a family.

 At first everyone said they'd rather spend the day swimming at their apartment pool and since it is a "work day" tomorrow, they'd pass on the fireworks show but at the last minute tradition won out and everyone came at 6:30 p.m. Charlie and Aaron like meat, we do not. Hannah is into raw foods only, Paul and Bill are vegetarians who like warm foods, the grand kids are pizza lovers as am I. Their parents are polite and will eat whatever I make. (thanks) Therefore, we had tacos with the hamburger on the side, lots of tacos. Two pizzas, one cheese the other green pepper. Our red white and blue were strawberries, blueberries and yogurt. Charlie brought two different kinds of ice cream for dessert and we forgot to make coffee.

 Isn't the fourth of July sentimental? Seven out of eleven of us drove to the fireworks show taking two cars. Parking was fluid considering the amount of people sitting on hills and sidewalks waiting for the annual light show. There were lawn chairs and vans, kids galore, bug spray waifing in the air and flags. Oh my the flags! The June bugs were thick and our spot was lumpy under the blanket but when the first firework shot into the sky, everything turned magic. Silence. Our mouths relaxed and our eyes widened. Some had tears. Silent thanks to the men and women who helped keep our country free. The grand finale had pinks and yellows, purples with greens and blues, red heart centers, white sparkles, wow! "A blinking sky!" said the little boy behind us. Poof, and then it was over. "Pack up, let's go. Tomorrow is another work day, " I heard a dad say. Until next year, Happy Fourth of July!

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