Thursday, July 14, 2011

Child's Summer Prayer

 Dear Angels Who Protect the Child,

   My heart is broke in a hundred pieces. I hear sounds of vacuuming and an outside lawn mower with the sight of orange tiger lilies in bloom next to the red roses. The yard is bursting with color and the sky is clear but today has turned bitter with more news of another child's brutal death. Summer has turned an ugly shade of gray.

  I ask that you protect the young from harm and that you remind each and every one of us that we are responsible for each other when we see a situation where we can help. Give us courage to intervene when needed so that situations become cohesive and loving once again.

  Keep me free of judgments or living in the past of how things could have or should have been. Please hear my words and bless all parents who cry. Help us to always feel your grace and that we stay appreciative of
baseball camps, dripping ice cream cones, flying bugs, snakes and four leaf clovers.

 Thank you.



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