Sunday, January 22, 2012

Delicious Sunday

      Today was an absolutely delicious Sunday kind of love. There's a warm breeze outside after the thunderstorm we had in Kansas, in January! The first tasty bite started with meeting a friend at a coffee shop, armed with our latest books to share, stimulating conversation and an equal amount of listening to the other. The energy was charged so we took the party to the art museum. We spoke about American artists who went to Paris, never to return, Italian museum guides who charged a price to turn lights on if patrons wanted to see the art, a wooden carving of lovers with Cupid's story of shooting arrows, oh my, endless stories we conjured. Happiness is contagious and as long as the ball was rolling, we visited China, a gallery packed with juicy bits of information. I was so thankful to have left my husband at home, he wouldn't have liked the menu.

    " Happiness consists in activity. It is running steam, not a stagnant pool." ~ Oliver Wendall Holmes ~ 

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