Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barefoot Days

       The kitchen curtains are blowing slightly, dancing with the breath of night. Today was shorts weather and almost every kid at the park had them on. I walked barefoot in the yard cutting and cleaning the dead growth from last fall's flowers, feeling the connection to Mother Earth and wondering if Phillip would leave his feet shoes in the closet now that the weather is warm. My new friend Phillip, thirteen years old and quite proud of his feet shoes. Don't tell him they almost gave me a heart attack Saturday night at the Marriott hotel after our all day workshop. I hope he didn't hear me gasp but I've never seen feet shoes before. The breeze is nice in the house, tomorrow is another day. Think I'll tell people after I've been working in the yard, "dirty feet? No, I'm wearing feet shoes.


  1. How cute! He does love his feet shoes, but they do come off the first chance he gets to go barefoot.:-)

  2. I get a kick out of these feet shoes. Ryan wore some on a recent trip we took, and they were funny. They sure do get stinky fast, though. I'm looking forward to getting my feet in the dirt soon.

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