Monday, March 12, 2012

Do Overs At The Jazz Bar

      Found out this morning the wall at the jazz bar where I've been working since forever is getting knocked down for a big dance floor, ouch. There were moments here and there when I stood on the scaffolding knowing something was about to change but my daughter and I couldn't get a grasp on it so we carried on with brush in hand. Big changes the boss man said through the second party, cripes. Do overs, we'll get paid twice, and the bar will be a swinging hipster hangout in the end but it still feels like cold water in the face. Second time around, my assistant is now the lead and I'm gladly giving her the badge. I think I'll relax, surrender to this process, give her the money and work on finishing my other projects. Ah, do overs. If you're old enough to remember the song, someone left the cake out in the rain, then you can sing the blues with me!


  1. Just like the sand mandalas created by the Tibetan monks, what you did was a blessing, and it will be remembered as such. You also were an inspiration to your assistant. Love you.

  2. Thanks Laura, love you too. This experience keeps me humble with the knowledge that nothing stays the same.

  3. Gosh it was so amazing.i feel your pain. Ch ch ch changes. Love you guys