Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Thought

   Who's gonna bury you when you die? Will you be the reason there's a little red in someone's eye?
Yea, who's gonna bury you when you die? I won't know and I won't care cause I'll be floating somewhere way up there. ~

   People spying today in the art store parking lot while I sat in the hot car waiting for a friend, I couldn't help but notice you getting into your silver van. The bunches of plastic flowers you carried were probably for someone special who died long ago. The lady next to you had plastic flowers too and I bet there was a sale going on for Memorial day. Who takes care of the flowers later? I really don't know, do they last until next year when you'll buy fresh ones? The American flags are already flying in the wind, three days earlier than last year and I'm sad wondering if my friend Brandon is safe in Iraq. The flapping flags don't make it easier on this thought in a hot car on a day when I should be home showering for the baby shower I'll be attending soon. Wonder who will come to my funeral? It's easier to think about mine than the ones I love, and will they put plastic flowers in the dirt for me? Please don't, blow bubbles instead, they look so pretty in the wind.

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