Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Mailman

"You cannot heal the fear of another and no one can heal yours, but you can inspire others with your emotional awareness, responsible choices, intuition and trust in the Universe." ~Gary Zukav~

  The new mailman isn't as friendly as the old one. He walks too fast and acted like he was scared to death of me. I was holding sharp cutters but politely put them down when I acknowledged him. "Hi! Nice to meet you, are you having a good day?" I asked to which he answered, "yes" and walked faster. Gee, what a rude man I thought to myself. I could hear part of a news radio show he was listening to with his headsets and chalked it up to the possibility that he was one of those guys who stored dried beans in his basement next to the guns for the day when the world would end. Eh, good riddance, I thought. That's when Bill came out of the house. "Is he gone yet?" he asked me. "Man, I almost killed him the other day!" "What!" I yelled. "Shh, there he is across the street." Bill continued. "It was an accident but I swear he thinks I did it on purpose. I was in the car and right when he walked in front of it, my foot slipped and I slammed on the breaks. I was so scared I accidentally blasted the horn and no kidding, I bet I missed hitting him by two inches!" "Did you at least apologize?" I asked. "no, he practically ran away!"
  Well great, now the mailman is wishing he worked for UPS! In time he'll warm up and we'll have chats like the old mailman but until then, I'm laying low.

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  1. hahaha...too funny!!! Sounds like he's afraid...very afraid...