Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Blue Moon

           Rare is a moon the color of blue to light up the skies in August for love that is true. . .

    The stately house on the right with the six foot climbing vines in their black urns caught my attention today on a busy street that had become quiet due to the fact that the road was closed for construction. I breathed in as much beauty that my eyes could take with a slow motion thought that once, yes once in a blue moon I may have lived in a house so grand. Briefly an image of a stone wall covered in ivy appeared only to be broke by the sounds of a fast sounding jet that shook the left side of my car. A buzz like a bee stinging my precious imagination, popping it with fear and bringing me back to the present. In the distance I could see a white car driving at speeds of ninety miles an hour without an exaggeration. Once in a blue moon! You don't see that too often. My heart hurt, my legs felt rubbery but I laughed at the thought that my newly purchased dragon stone rock for a dollar was in my pocket. The rock that brings creative power, energetic force and courage.
  Wouldn't it be nice if reason had a voice and we could understand the code? Maybe the moment was perfect, showing me to get into it, feel the fast changes or was it to appreciate living through a near miss we get once in a blue moon? Whatever it may be, I celebrated at a new Ethiopian restaurant in the older part of my town. The little girl in this picture was hanging on the wall as if to say, "keep your dreams alive and happy blue moon until we meet again."


  1. Yes it was an amazing day!

  2. You always paint the most amazing pictures with words. Not once in a blue moon, but every time! (That lunch looks delicious....I may have to move up my lunchtime.)