Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 LOVE

This is the time when EVERYONE, absolutely everyone is in dire need of living an authentic life to ourselves. So
many people are going to feel ignored or unhappy with their friends and loved ones and it isn't an insult but the
need for our new energies in these times to know who we are, and to love us. The times of co-dependency are
over and we are now being called to become co-creators!! I mean this with the greatest of LOVE. Breathe into
the moment, know that there is nothing for you to prove, be still and if that is hard, do what I do....wear earplugs
for an entire day to find your peace.  It works....Namaste  


  1. Oooh Sandy! This is so timely... Thanks for the reminder. Luv the picture of the aspen and golden leaves. Did you go to Colorado? Did I miss that somewhere???

  2. I love timely writing! I needed the reminder myself and Yes, this is from Colorado but my daughter took the picture when she was there in October. I didn't get to go.