Monday, December 31, 2012

Healers Dinner Party

dinner party in the winter on the snowy streets
of a neighborhood with houses twice the size
of middle class serves stories with friends who come
together for this night in celebration of work done
well by hands that touch and heal the sick, the chi movers
who trust enough to work with angels, chi movers
who fight battles in court rooms for children's voices,
chi movers who braid sound and noise on paper with
scribbles that turn into symphonies for sold out theaters.
dinner party in winter with plates full and plenty
for grandmas, truckers, colored pencil picture makers,
you shine like Christmas lights and sparkly ornaments
that are different from each other but perfect as a whole.
dinner party in winter the wind is blowing snow
on guests who stayed much too long, they run,
the chi movers inside cold cars and the wind
blows again as if to say good night.


  1. Your words make me feel very lovely and warm, even in the snow!

    1. Thank you Cathy, it was a magical evening for me!

    2. what delightful night!