Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Words/Obituary Thought

      Do you read the obituaries in the back section of the newspaper with a curious delight like I do? Several years ago, Jack Frost died in December in the castle looking house near the junior high where my kids went to school, his estate sale followed shortly after. Yes, I giggled at the thought that he passed in December, considering his name. My friend Lynn says we need to write our own obituary instead of leaving the job for our children because they don't know the real us which gave me the idea to keep a journal of favorite quotes, personal poems, pictures that I like and of course, funny obituary notices for them to read. Do you wonder what your loved ones will say about you like Mr. Frank W. whose family proudly took the biggest space for his death notice, along with a not so good picture and titled him as a man who raised nine children in a little house. Or Mrs. S. who loved the library and cooking for neighbors? How about the ones that only have a name and date because as I'd like to believe, the family was speechless.
    In the end of my road, I hope their words speak of my love, my deeds and hugs but I have a hunch they'll write about my bits of papers here and there and how I loved to cut things out.


  1. Oooh too cute!!! Hopefully, your journal won't be needed for a long, long, long time!

  2. This is wonderful and copying your idea because I know my sons would be frozen. (((Sandy))) I thought I had hugged you when your grandma died. So sorry honey, she was as precious to you as my grandpa was to me. This is such a great thing to do and in a hundred years, when you fly off to Heaven, it will make them laugh and smile and remember the incredible gift God gave to them. You are a great blessing in my life and I love you very much.