Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Odds and Ends

      Finishing half started projects and cleaning out an over stuffed art room feels invigorating! The day I had the idea to dye egg shells and then glue them on cardboard was genius or so I felt that way at the moment! Concrete leaves were fun making and then gluing on revamped serving trays that I found at thrift stores with leftover seashells
from the ocean in Florida.(The trays make it easy since they already have a frame) We have a new health food store in my neighborhood and they promote the use of card board boxes or vinyl bags we can purchase. Some are square, long and skinny, (my favorite shape), or flat lid shapes. My cashier said she would help me because she's been sacking groceries for 15 years and knows how to pick them for my produce. I didn't tell her I was staring at them daydreaming of white birch twigs glued on them with dried flowers and moss for my fairy chocolate party or that some looked like stacked storage containers once I applied burlap and slathered it with homemade paper clay pulp, a layer of cheesecloth, painted them and glue ribbons, threads and buttons here and there. In the end, they would stack on top of each other and hide my stash of supplies. Creativity is like infinity, always recreating. If you're stumped for ideas, play with a pen, doodle without any desire to impress, you'll be amazed at what starts to come out of your head, but use caution, your house will need a purge every once in a while!

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  1. hahaha...I need to get into my knitting stash and either purge or get working. I tend to look at stuff - broken. Like mugs, weird we are!